And we’re off…Camp NaNoWriMo has officially begun and we are ready with bug spray, helpful writing tips to help you get through the month, and a couple of awesome offers for all the aspiring authors out there!

    Back in November, we started the LetsGoWrimos site to do one thing: help Wrimos realize their success! Since then we’ve had thousands of writers, not only find inspiration and expertise here, but also submit for our FREE FIRST EDITION HARDCOVER. Now, campers, it’s your turn!

    Below is the list of the important manuscript submission deadlines and when you should hear back from us for all the Let’s Go Wrimos offerings

    Manuscript Submission Deadlines

    Free First Edition Hardcover August 31st at 11:59 PST Open Now

    If you have further questions, please consult the FAQ page.

    Let’s Go Wrimos! We are so excited to see your work!

  • Day 29: The only thing more difficult than getting started is finishing

    I’m a Lulu team member responsible for the Lulu Publishing Services Division where we provide the publishing services you need to help make your book a reality. As a published author (courtesy of Lulu) I understand what it takes to produce a top-selling book and have very high hopes that this blog will help you in your quest to produce your own. Although I still love to write, I have discovered another passion, too: Helping others experience the wonderful feeling that comes with successfully becoming published.

    When I began writing many years ago, I found that the complexities, trials and tribulations of publishing distracted from the joy of writing. Like most authors, I began my quest to get published long before I actually finished writing my first book. Cover design, editing, formatting, ISBNs were all new to me, and although they were essential topics, I often wished that the publishing system was simpler. I just wanted to finish my first book and get started on my second. I was fortunate to stumble across Lulu in my search for publishing help and still remain thankful. I was rescued from the deep abyss of “I’ll never get published.” Working with Lulu truly empowered me as an author by reducing frustration and minimizing distraction that consumed so much of my creative time. On a very practical level, Lulu also helped me get published much quicker and allowed me to sell quite a few books. In turn, this allowed me to eat something besides Ramen noodles and tomato soup. I so enjoyed the experience that I actually came to work at Lulu in August ’09 so that I could help others.

    If you’re new to publishing or have published before and just need more information on the variety of services available, then you’re in the right place. In each of my upcoming posts, I’ll take an in-depth look at everything from editing and cover design, to finding an agent and marketing your book. As an author and publishing expert, my aim is to cover topics in a way that will provide a balance of valuable insight and knowledge to help you constantly improve your work — and minimize distractions.

    My virtual door is always open, so please send me your thoughts and questions on publishing, marketing and anything book-related that you would be interested in reading. Right now, I am in search of a few authors that would be interested in sharing your “story behind the story.” If you’re interested, please post a link to your Lulu storefront in the comments section below, and I will get in touch.

    You might have started your work alone, but Lulu is here to help you finish.

    Happy Publishing!